Moving one Step further in its Horizontal Expansion, Jeddah Cable Company and Energya cables Saudi Arabia has recently deployed the New Extra High Voltage (EHV) plant in Rabigh Industrial Area getting operational from the Month of June’2013. The Plant is state of the art in design and construction with the best machinery deployed intending that products are within the highest international standards and the profound processes assuring high productivity and best Quality EHV cables

The plant itself is occupying an overall area of 29,480 m2 for production operations and quality testing. It constitutes of a large hangar construction for normal operations and of 400m2 tower based for special EHV cables processing operation.

The main plant contains the basic processes for metal forming and cabling manufacturing. The tower contains the latest CV lines technology. These lines (CV: Continuous Vulcanizing) are the best machinery for insulating the HV/EHV cables applying the triple layer (Inner semiconductor + XLPE insulation + outer semiconductor) via extrusion operation in one shot with sealed curing of the material and cooling afterwards thus eliminating possible contamination sources and defects in doing the same operation in a series of operations. Also presenting the first of its kind in KSA – the VCV line (Vertical Continuous Vulcanizing).

It is extended over 132m of height in the tower ensuring that the eccentricity of the cable and material uniformity on the conductor is of highest precision through gravity material flow control, in addition to existing CCV lines for lower voltages (Continuous Centenary Vulcanizing).

Plant Capacity

The plant is capable to output:

  • Monthly average of 70 KM of HV/EHV cables mix
  • 1000 MT / Month of Copper tonnage
  • Aluminum tonnage possible as well for sizes up to 1000 mm2

EHV Product range

Our product range for HV/EHV products are diverse and capable to cover local and regional market

  • Range from 66 kV up to 400 kV
  • Cu conductor range from 630 mm2 up to 2500 mm2
  • Al conductor range from 300 mm2 up to 1000 mm2

Jeddah Cables/JCC Edge over competitors

Energya group in KSA is the second largest enterprise in cable manufacturing in size of capacity, capability and expertise. All process machinery are of the best in the field from best worldwide companies in the field from highly technological countries such as: Germany, Finland, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, and USA. Well-known brands are present such as Maillefer, Sket, Hamana, Pourtier & Niehoff & others.

With this Horizontal Expansion of New EHV Plant, JCC will be having the first VCV line in KSA opening the opportunity to enhance the cable grid requirements with proper cable for the growing energy demand which is coping with the fast infrastructure projects currently growing in KSA.

Value added

Keeping the Legacy of Innovation intact our new EHV plant will add a revolutionary jump in cables manufacturing in the region. The up to date technology used will be serving the market with the best quality cables for long life time & proper electrical energy transmission for the growing demand in KSA.

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